Cobra Kai: The Best (Reboot) Around

I am so excited that Cobra Kai is finally out and available! FYI the first two episodes are free on YouTube! (Episode 1 is embedded at the bottom of the post).

Early on in the episode we learn that Daniel LaRusso is a car salesman, who uses his Karate prowess to advertise his business. That’s pretty lame, even for a car salesman.

DUDE, ED ASNER IS IN THIS! Was he in the original Karate Kid? It’s been so long that I cannot remember. He’s playing Johnny’s stepdad, so maybe we’ll see more of him.

Anyhow, Johnny isn’t doing too well. He’s an alcoholic with a record and he just lost his job as a handyman. When some teenagers total his car (one of whom we later learn is Daniel’s daughter) he has to head to LaRusso’s body shop to pick it up. (Whoops, just spoiled the hell out of that episode for ya. Sorry, I’m used to working with older material.)

Narratively, the episode is told from Johnny’s perspective. Episode two is told from Daniel’s perspective, while moving forward chronologically.

After his encounter with Daniel, Johnny is motivated to restart the Cobra Kai dojo with his first student being–get this–a bullied teen who is new in town.

William Zabka is GREAT and I’m so glad we get to see a little more depth to Johnny’s character. I think it will be interesting to see how the plot plays out, especially if they continue to switch protagonists with each episode. That said…it will take many a good review to make me consider paying for a YouTube Red subscription just to watch the full series. (Or maybe I’ll free trial it?)


Girl Meets Goodbye

Girl Meets World aired their series finale last night. You all know how I feel about this show, so I may as well have called this post Girl Meets Good Riddance. But I am excited to post about it because this is finally the episode with the gigantic Boy Meets World reunion!! (Including both Morgan’s!! Cannot wait to see how they do that!)


The episode starts off with Maya asking Riley if Topanga has made a decision about taking a job in London (meaning the entire family will move away from New York City). Cory teaches some overbearing lesson to the class about “Belgium 1831” and how it’s all like what they’re going through (namely, what HIS kid is going through) right now. UGH these kids better not be Millennials. We don’t need anyone else accusing us of being self-centered like this! When were these children born? They better be in a different generation! (Ugh, crap. Apparently Millennials were born all the way until 2004. We’ll I’d just like to divest the late 80’s/early 90’s babies from that set, PLEASE.)

So Topanga assembles everyone important to her to bounce around some ideas. (This includes former school bully/current school janitor, Harley. And Minkus…who we didn’t even seen for the last several years of Boy Meets World, but I guess he’s kind of a big deal now because he’s Farkle’s dad.)

Morgan_Matthews(s).pngAs far as both Morgan’s are concerned, they address them both as Morgan. Both as “their sisters.” This is horrible. I REALLY REALLY dislike this. Also, Mr. Turner isn’t even here. This episode super sucks. Oh wait, jk. He literally just walked through the door.

The only cool thing is you get to see Feeny and Eric talk. They’re still funny together. Also, Shawn announces he’s going to adopt Riley. Topanga is mad because she wants to talk about the job offer and she feels like they’re stealing her thunder. Uh, sorry Topanga. A kid just gained a dad today, you jerk.

The Morgan’s offer Cory and Topanga’s youngest kid some advice. They tag-team out mid conversation. This is weird. Maya is really sad and she says that Riley won’t leave because they belong together, but then Josh comes over to talk with all of them and Maya decides that life is replacing Riley with Josh (because she’s a self-centered person who gives a bad name to us older Millennials). They all say they hope to get to keep being themselves and blah blah blah.

Oh, whoops, guess what! Topanga decides they won’t move!! (So really they totally ripped off the end of That 70’s Show where they think they’ll sell the house and move but then they actually don’t. Is this a trope? How many other shows have done this?)

Ugh, now we’re back to Corey talking about “Belgium 1831” and how it applies to their small little lives again. Like seriously, there are like 5 kids in this class who ever cared about the move and the other 12 kids must be so pissed. If my kid had a teacher who taught around 5 kids, I would be calling the PTA like crazy. Cory must be really taking advantage of tenure.

Then there’s a flashback to Cory’s last monologue from Boy Meets World (to original Josh, who I think is the show creator’s son). Now, THAT was a good finale. And then we return to Girl Meets World. As they wrap up their chat inside Topanga’s bakery, a patron comes in and I am 99% sure that he is the grown up version of that OG Josh. By the way OG Josh is a lot older than replacement Josh. They like definitely aged that character down. And then that’s the end! This writing is so bad, it’s literally just the nostalgia factor that kept this show going. OMG it HAS to be. So yep, good riddance.

Anyhow, if you made it all the way end to this crappy post about a crappy show, tell me in the comments which Morgan you liked better on Boy Meets World. I’m team OG Morgan, Lily Nicksay.


One Day at a Time, a Very Special Reboot

I have been seeing a lot of buzz around my social media accounts about how awesome One Day At A Time is on Netflix. I have only seen the original once (back when I did “The Runaways” episode for the A to Z Challenge). Since I don’t have a strong attachment to the original, I was perhaps more open to giving the modern version a chance. But I think it’s more likely that Netflix’s One Day At A Time earned this positive press in its own right. 

Most people I’m friends with on Facebook are also Millennials and for reasons totally lost on me, most of them do not also worship at the house of canceled sitcoms. Suffice it to say, I think this is one Netflix reboot (more like “revamp” honestly) that will survive on scripts, not fan service. This ain’t Fuller House

So what I’m going to do now is talk about all of the fluffy aesthetic things that I noticed on a totally nerd level. Then I’m going to talk about why I’m geeking out on this show on a sociocultural level in the next paragraph. Basically, if puff pieces aren’t your thing (How did you even find this blog? How have you read this far??) skip to then next paragraph. Oh great, you’re still here! So having only seen the original One Day At A Time once, I can tell you that the first thing I noticed was that the main set of the apartment is remarkably similar, if not identical. But as a casual viewer, I will leave that to a bigger fan than I to investigate. The similarity of set intrigued me in two ways. One, it made me feel cozy and familiar both in that I had seen it before on television and in that the layout feels very late 70’s (so I had more or less seen similar styles as a kid at Grandma’s). But ultimately, it’s just a great layout for a wide angle lense with lots of areas for staging without looking, well, “staged.” Similarly to the original, mom and grandma are raising two kids alone (a boy and a girl this time instead of two girls) and their landlord is very involved in their lives (in a non-creepy way, unless you count cracking corny jokes as creepy). They also kept the original theme song and revamped it in a wonderful way that kind of makes me want to play it on repeat. But you know I love theme songs. I also love Gloria Estefan.

In another difference from the original, the family is Cuban-American. The matriarch is glorious EGOT Rita Moreno from West Side Story and The Electric Company. Her daughter is played by Justina Machado (who I’ve seen as a guest on many shows but never as a lead). Justina Machado is the X-factor here and why you should be watching. You can tell this script is important to her. She’s really connecting with it and she’s having fun with it. And that’s exactly what she should be doing not only because it’s literally her job as an actor, but also because this script is both important in content and fun in delivery. 

In the pilot episode, which shares a title with the theme song “This is It,” we learn that Rita Moreno has moved in with daughter, Justina Machado, to help raise her kids–a feminist teen girl and a materialistic preteen son–while her husband works abroad in a private security firm. We learn that both parents are army vets, but by the end of the episode it’s clear that Justina’s character is not on-board with the separation. Basically, she’s a single parent so her husband can have the job he wants instead of one closer to his family. 

She’s also struggling with anxiety and depression. Much of the first episode deals with whether or not she will take an anti-depressant medication. As a nurse, she’s okay with it. But as an individual, she feels weird about it. She seems to have internalized some of the stigma around mental health, even as a medical professional. It’s interesting to see her grapple with this and I truly hope it’s an ongoing theme. This in an important conversation. 

But that is not to say that One Day At A Time is a downer. It’s anything but. The show is COZY, which makes it more comfortable to have these conversations. The issues are modern but this reminds me more of Growing Pains than Modern Family. It’s a traditional sitcom format. You won’t be laughing at one-two punchlines and little quirks or awkward slapstick situations. But the issues are real, both the kids and parents are legitimately funny, and everyone seems like a human. And yes, maybe the anti-depressant issue is resolved a little too neatly in 30 minutes (though it’s definitely not “very special”). But this is a sitcom after all. As much as I malign them, at best they’re 30 minute conversation starters. I hope the conversation doesn’t end here. 

Fuller House: Happy New Year Baby

Fuller House was not messing around with the holidays this year! They covered the 4 major Fall/Winter holidays, so this year I bring you a New Year’s episode.

We FINALLY Get to see Kimmy Gibbler wearing her pizza sweater from the promo shots in this episode. (Please, people of the internet, tell me where I can get one of these. If you own an Etsy shop, link me to it in the comments!) She also has a pizza topping scarf and a pizza bow, but I’m not as excited about either of these. Her pizza earrings are pretty sweet though.

DJ is throwing a big New Year’s party. And Steve tells her that he wants to propose to CJ at DJ’s party. (CJ is Steve’s girlfriend this season and she’s eerily similar to DJ not only in name but also in personality.) He also wants her to write his proposal for him…ugh weird.


Shortly after Steve makes this big announcement, Danny, Jesse, Becky, and Joey and the freaking woodchuck puppet show up. (Insert loud crying emoji here). Beck and Jesse are apparently in town to adopt a new baby. This came up briefly in a previous episode, but I still don’t understand it to be perfectly honest.


fh_212_unit_01445_r_crop-minWe also get to hear Joey do a very poor Marlon Brando impression when Jesse asks him to be the baby’s godfather. Danny gets pretty touchy about not being offered the godfather-ship. So the three guys start arguing about how much Danny saved them in rent over the years vs. how much they saved him in baby-sitting. (It’s San Francisco real estate dudes, you got the much better deal.) But Danny goes for the jugular when he tells Jesse that Forever is “not [his] favorite song.” Well, we were all thinking it… Joey (who is also upset because Jesse tried to placate Danny by telling him he could be the godfather instead of Joey) agrees with Danny. So Jesse tells Joey that Mr. Woodchuck sucks. THANK GOD WE ARE FINALLY ADDRESSING THIS! Then Joey tells Jesse that the only reason people watch “Wake Up USA” is because they want to watch Becky. Ouch. I mean. Hm. This one feels hurtful where as the others were like things that NEEDED to be said. This is Danny’s whole career! It’s not one dumb song or puppet!

But out of the mouths of babes, DJ’s middle child saves the whole situation when he comes outside looking for advice on how to forgive his older brother for being a jerk to him at the New Year’s party. The three grown men say that nothing is more important than loving your brothers. (But like…they’re not actually brothers…okay fine…ugh Jesse even hugs Mr. Woodchuck…oh wait it’s just a fake out to throw him over the fence. YAHOO!)

As predictable as this show is, I’m sure you could all tell as soon as I mentioned that Steve needed DJ’s help his proposal that CJ would mistakenly think that Steve was involved with DJ. BUT I be you didn’t guess that DJ would ultimately propose to CJ on Steve’s behalf and that a very confused Matt would enter the party in the midst of this.


The next morning, Jesse and Becky bring their new baby to see everyone. They name her Pamela after the girls’ mother and Jesse’s sister. All of the actors of varying talent seem to genuinely tear up over this. Maybe they felt like Pam was a real character on the original show even though we only saw her for like 2 seconds in a home video in the show’s original run. But honestly, I teared up too because dammit it’s a sweet sentiment.

Also, DJ reveals that she was going to pick Steve before he got involved with CJ, but now she’s happy with Matt. Something tells me we haven’t seen the ends of this love triangle…

BREAKING NEWS: The Return of Girl Talk!

First of all, this isn’t actually breaking news to anyone who has been following Fuller House. But as you well know, I got burned badly by the first season and I’ve been bitterly avoiding the reboot ever since.

But curiosity got the best of me and I decided to watch the trailer for the second season. I rolled my eyes A LOT. Even more than usual.

The schmaltz factor is high: The New Radicals’s “You Get What You Give” plays over a montage of “feel-good” moments highlighting the show’s “exciting” new season while harkening back to its nostalgic roots–even though Full House was several season over by the time the trailer’s featured song charted, but I digress.

There it was roughly 1 minute 43 seconds and 6.5 eye-rolls in, shining like a beacon of hope to my one major and well-documented request for this reboot: Girl Talk. It looks like we’ll be hearing “The Sign” again soon, Very Special Readers. Maybe they’ll even finish the song this time.


It looks like DJ has joined the group as drummer with Kimmy and Steph as the only original band members. While I’m sad that it doesn’t look like Gia will be reprising her role, I guess they had to let Kimmy’s kid have something to do on the show.

I do NOT want to get my hopes up…but I’m kind of looking forward to this episode…

Rob Thomas’s Lost Boys TV Series

Finally, a reboot I can get behind! Maybe that’s because this is more of a re-imagining than a remake, so yay! According to the Daily News, Rob Thomas will be creating an anthology series on the vampire meets eternal youth premise. Deadline reports that a seven-season series is in the works, following the Lost Boys through a decade for each season beginning with 1967’s Summer of Love. I guess that means we have a good change of meeting Edgar Frog in the third season. It also seems like we’ll get a little futuristic stuff towards the end of the run.

If you haven’t seen the original movie yet, what are you waiting for??

The only downside is this probably means it will be even longer, if ever, that we get another Veronica Mars installment. But I do love iZombie and I hope The Lost Boys is just as wonderful.


via Daily Prompt: Youth

Girl Meets Ski Lodge, Part 2

maxresdefaultRiley and the front-desk guy (Evan) are still talking on the window seat bench as the sunrises. Riley freaks out and says that her parents “can never know.” And then front desk guy says, “You can never know.” And then Cory and Topanga pop up from behind one of the ski lodge couches. Wait what?? This is is so creepy and I’m totally freaked out on behalf of Riley. I’ve heard of helicopter parents but this is some next level shit.

girl-meets-world-ski-lodge-2-340x300They too have stayed up all night talking. (Probably more like covertly whispering as they eavesdropped on their kid and her new friend.) They said they wanted to “see what the big deal was.” So Riley asks them how it was. And Topanga basically says it was great and now she likes Cory more. And so Cory says to Riley, “What about you, Riley. Is it a big deal?”

This has got to be the worst way to grow up. This kid never gets to try anything on her own without her parents lurking about with some heavy handed lesson. What is your problem, Cory? Amy and Alan never did you like this!

As Riley tries to head back upstairs, she realizes that all of her classmates are waking up and heading downstairs. And Lucas is pissed that she’s been talking all night with a new guy.

But let me say something positive for once. The girl who plays Maya is hilarious. Her comedic delivery is so on point and I like that they’re playing up that side of her character. In fact, if she was Cory & Topanga’s kid then I’d probably watch this on the regular. Actually, wouldn’t that have been a more interesting show? Cory & Topanga have a Shawn-like kid?

Maya tries to talk Lucas out of his funk, encouraging him not to give Riley such a hard time. Riley sees them chatting and notices some chemistry. She decides to talk with her Uncle Josh about the situation. Then they have this meandering conversation about how Maya has given up herself to become like Riley because she loves Riley so much? Or like wants to feel protected? Or is having a hard time? I don’t know. I like to think of myself as a fairly intelligent person, but I had so much trouble following this. I think that it’s most likely one of those things that shows do to try to make kids think that there’s some heavy subject matter at hand when the real answer is mostly that Maya’s a teenager who spends way too much time with one other person and doesn’t really have a strong family life. So she probably has a weird sense of identity right now and will grow out of it like we all do. One of my major complaints with this show is that these characters straight up do not talk like real people.

“Why do we like the same boy,” Riley asks for a second time. Oh right, that’s all that matters here. So then Josh says to Riley that they do not in fact like the same boy. You see, Maya’s only been “liking” Lucas to protect Riley. It seems that Maya and Riley have this realization at the same time, so they head over to the window seat to chat about it. Maya shares that she wanted to be like Riley in order to “make sure what she was feeling” and she wants to make sure Lucas is the right guy for her.

Woah, okay. So many bad boundaries here. I know they’re fourteen and they’re probably too stupid to know about boundaries, but this actually seems like a good time for Cory & Topanga to intervene. So they can let their kid talk all night to a stranger while they listen in the wings, but they can’t teach their kid and her friend about healthy relationships?? Oh yeah…I guess the kind of parents who spy on their children are probably not the best teachers of healthy relationships.

ski-lodge-rilaya-girl-meets-world-500x281Alas, the only answer lies in the notorious book, “The Official Guide of Who Belongs With Who,” which Cory of course remembers from 20 years earlier. He urges them not to play, but for once these virtuous children do not listen to him. Good. This is getting more interesting. Also, this is the “next generation” edition of this book, so it’s not even the same one that Cory knows.

Everyone breaks off into smaller groups: Lucas is pissed and like wants to beat up a tree so his friend goes with him to stop him, Maya grabs Josh by the arm and drags him to the damn window seat, and that leaves Smackle & Farkle with Evan. They grab the book from him and realize it is the exact same book that Cory knows. Evan was making up the questions. He explains himself to be they’re like romance spirit-guide/guru. I don’t know. This dude a creep in my opinion. All of these kids should head back home to the city ASAP.

Okay, Josh is actually a cool guy. He’s really observant (which he attributes to being so much younger than his siblings and growing up watching them). He tells Maya that she’s a really cool person but she is taking on too much of Riley’s personality to be protective. So Maya kind of gets it now. She like kind of got it earlier with Riley but now she understands exactly what she was doing. And now she’s herself again. (Ugh, I guess. I don’t know. It’s been a while since I was a teenager but I don’t remember it working quite like this.) Maya also says that she loves Riley and would never want anything that she wanted.

Josh says, “that’s a really adult way of thinking.” Okay Josh, you’re a nice guy, but I respectfully disagree. This girl literally just told you that she assumed her friend’s personality for an extended period of time and is just now “herself” again. I don’t find that very adult. And if it’s the part about not wanting to steal your friend’s boyfriend, then I’m pretty sure that’s basic protocol for all ages. Either way, I guess she is maturing. Finally, Josh and Maya agree to play “the long game,” which I assume means revisiting this when Maya is also 18 or older. Screen Shot 2016-07-30 at 10.01.42 AM

Wait. Time out. I just looked up their character on the Girl Meets World wikia. (I know. Sad.) And Josh is only 17? And Maya is like 15? Why did they bring a 17 year old boy to chaperone a 15 year old girl? That’s so cruel to both of them! I thought he was like in college or something. Scratch everything I’ve written before. This is once again, all Cory & Topanga’s fault. Also, why can’t Josh just take Maya to prom and be done with this? Or did they advance his age or something? Omg, I don’t know and I’m over it.

So then Lucas asks Riley out, finally. He also gives her a jelly bean in a ring box. It means something to them, I guess. I don’t understand. This is high drama and I’ve never so dramatically been asked on a date. Omg then Riley gives him that damn leaf that floated in through the window. But also she asks him to think of buying a sandwich for her when he buys a sandwich for himself. I really appreciate that she’s brining this up because it’s my primary need in a relationship as well.

Cut to: creepy Evan thinking he made all of this happen. Or “guided” them to it or whatever. OMG HE IS LINDA CARDELLINI’S SON. Or like the character she played, rather. So he’s like the positive version of her character?

Very Special Lesson: Omg, you are teenagers in New York City. Calm the eff down and stop taking yourselves so seriously. Go hang out on St. Mark’s Place like every other kid your age.